About Us


Who is JR Resources?

JR Resources was established in 1990 in San Diego, California.  In that time, we have been fortunate enough, and have built up meaningful partnerships with other highly skilled distributors,  to see our operation expand to the point where in addition to the service center in Del Mar, CA, we also have sales representatives in Princeton, NJ, Cypress, CA, Park Ridge, NJ, and Austin, TX. 

Since our inception, we have worked hard and have been fortunate to have built a diverse client base including local and regional businesses, as well as many Fortune 1000 companies! 

What sets JR Resources apart?

At JR Resources, we have always considered ourselves a service organization that happens to sell branded promotional products, rather than a promotional products distributor with a focus on service.  What that means for you is that when you reach out to us, you can be assured that the item that you order will be the right product, and we will communicate with you every step along the way to make sure that it is delivered on time, and on budget!

In addition, because of our years of experience in every facet of the promotional products industry, combined with the fact that we have built solid relationships with the key suppliers in our industry, we are proud to offer you high quality products that also represent a terrific value!


Feeling overwhelmed?  Let us do the creative legwork for you!

At JR Resources, we appreciate that you are a busy professional, and that ordering promotional products is, in most cases, part of what you need to get done to accomplish a bigger marketing job.  We also realize that with so many different options for promotional products (over 900,000 at last count..), it can be a little bit intimidating to look through pages and pages of products, looking for just the right option.  

So while this website is a terrific resource for you to peruse ideas, if you'd prefer, we also invite you to just give us a call at 858-481-1074 or email us at info@jrresources.com to let us know when your event is, any theme involved, what kind of budget and quantity of items you need and let us take it from there to present you with options!

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